New Year’s Resolutions – Week One

accountability in team

There is accountability in teams

So, we are one week into our New Year’s Resolutions 6 week accountability program and we are off to a rough start!  Like many of you, we are busy getting back into the swing of real life after time off over the holidays.  I would say that our current success rate is about 10%.  Sounds terrible, right?  Actually, it is just the reality of starting a new habit.  We begin with the best of intentions, but actually putting a plan into reality takes work, discipline, creativity and organization.  Our team is proof that the best of intentions only get you to about 10%.  Here is what we each learned over the last week:

Tara – Flossing your teeth sounds easy, but remembering to do it every day (or not blowing it off to go to bed and get an extra 2 minutes of sleep) is harder.  I am going into the next week by carrying flossing supplies with me everywhere: in my car, my purse, kitchen, etc.  My goal is that if I remember AND the supplies are convenient, my chances of success are higher.

Joan – Didn’t get those 5 hours of exercise in, but realized that exercise is a necessity, not a luxury.  She has booked 6 days of exercise into her schedule for the next week, so if one gets derailed, she will still hit her target.  She has also downloaded an app called 7 minute workout https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/7-minute-workout/id650762525?mt=8. This way, even if she can’t make it to the gym, she is still getting in a workout.

Tracey – She bought a nutribullet so she can pack more fruits, vegetables and nutrients into her (and her family’s) diet.  She isn’t getting any more complaints from the kids about ‘having to eat’ their veggies.

Terri – Instead of losing, she gained a pound.  So, she cleaned out her pantry and frig of all the holiday, bad-for-you remnants and has restocked to restart!

Krista – Krista realized that it is easier to have accountability when her husband is not traveling for work and is there to work out with her.  She is working to put a secondary accountability in place (like her work teammates) to hold her to her workout schedule.

Accountability is about self-flagellation for not getting it ALL done exactly right the first week.  Accountability is about noticing what got in the way of you achieving your goals and gathering your resources to restart and try again.  Noticing what gets in your way, whether it is self-talk, scheduling issues, lack of will power, lack of organization or all of the above, will help you take an honest inventory and strategize ways to avoid those pitfalls.  So, if you are off to the same slow start that we are, find a partner for your own accountability.  If you can’t find one, use us.  We are available for coaching or you can just post questions or successes on our facebook page.

  1. Great post! Tara, in regards to flossing, one thing that helped me commit was I started using one of those floss wands. It’s so much more comfortable and much easier than wrapping the floss around your fingers. I figured out that was my real problem with flossing, so now I do it almost every night!

  2. Nealey – Thanks for the recommendation! I just ordered one from Drugstore.com.

  3. What a great idea to use your work team for accountability. I never thought of it. We see each other regularly, so can ask about progress and motivate each other easily.
    My resolution is to exercise more. I have an accountability partner, but am finding that they are not as committed as I am and it’s affecting my progress. A team instead of one partner would be helpful.
    Thanks for the idea Tara.

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